Miller Historical Society

Saving the History of Miller Beach from the shifting sands of time.


Miller Historical Society

  1. Is Miller Historical Society affiliated with the MCC, MIG, MBA or any other community group?


    Miller Historical Society is an independent community group founded with the sole purpose of preserving the history of the Miller Beach Community, also known as the Miller-Aetna-Glen Ryan area. The society works together with various Miller community groups, however we are not a branch or affiliate of any other group or organization nor are we connected with any political party or platform, religious organization nor any branch of local government.

  2. Does Miller Historical Society own the old Miller Town Hall building?


    Miller Town Hall is owed by the City of Gary.

    Miller Historical Society is currently attempting to secure a long term lease on the building to facilitate its preservation, restoration and transformation into a The Miller History Museum.

    We envision obtaining a lease agreement with the city similar to the agreement that exists between the Gary Park Department and the Aquatorium society for the Marquette Park Bathhouse.

  3. How is the Miller Historical Society Funded?

    The Miller Historical Society is a non-profit 501(c)(3) community organization. Our funding thus far has come yearly dues payed by members and from generous donations by active and concerned citizens.

    In addition to donations, Miller Historical Society is exploring grants from:

    The National Trust Preservation Fund

    The Johanna Favrot Fund for Historic Preservation

    Cynthia Woods Mitchell Fund for Historic Interiors

    Save America's Treasures

    and the National Park Service's Historic Preservation Grants Division

  4. How do I donate to the Miller Historical Society?

    Donations can be mailed to

    Miller Historical Society Incorporated

    264 N. Lake Street

    Miller Beach,

    Gary, Indiana


    Or you can donate in person during our monthly meetings

    at The Paul H. Douglas Center for Environmental Education

    100 N Lake Street, Miller Beach

    Our meetings are at 2:00pm on the fourth Saturday of each month

  5. How do I become a member of Miller Historical Society?

    New members are encouraged to join us during our regular meetings. Miller Historical Society meets at 100 S. Lake Street in the Paul H. Douglas Center for Environmental Education in Miller Beach on the fourth Saturday of each month from 2-3 pm.

    Membership dues are 15 dollars per year.

    If you would like to join us but cannot attend our regularly scheduled meetings you can join via old fasioned US mail by sending a letter with your Name, Address and Contact information along with $15 membership dues to:

    Miller Historical Society Incorporated

    264 N.  Lake Street

    Miller Beach,

    Gary, Indiana


  6. Do I need to live in the Miller area to be a member?


    Membership in the Miller Historical Society is open to everyone who shares our vision of preserving and protecting the history of the Miller-Aetna area.

    We encourage current and former Miller area residents along with frequent visitors and general Miller Beach fans to join us in our efforts to save the history of Miller Beach from the shifting sands of time.

  7. Why are you called Miller Historical Society? Why not the Miller Beach Historical Society, Miller-Aetna Historical Society or even the Gary Historical Society?

    The official name of our organization is Miller Historical Society.

    MHS is focused on preserving and protecting the rich and unique history of Miller, Aetna and the adjacent Duneland communities of Gary, not on preserving the history of the city of Gary as a whole. The Gary Historical and Cultural Society already exists and is dedicated to that purpose. The history of the city of Gary goes back to 1906, however the Miller-Aetna area is much older, having a history dating back to the early 1800s. When choosing a name, our board of directors conducted research and sought input from members of the community. The consensus was, that although the Miller-Aetna area is now more commonly referred to as the Miller Beach community, for well over one hundred years the historic designation for this entire area has simply been "Miller" and our name should reflect that. Our research also has shown that Aetna, though a historic area in its own right, has been widely seen by members of the community as an extension of Miller as far back as the 1880s. We therefore felt that the name "Miller Historical Society" was both historically accurate and inclusive of the various neighborhoods that makeup the Miller Beach area.

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