Miller Historical Society

Saving the History of Miller Beach from the shifting sands of time.

 A message from Cullen Ben Daniel, President of Miller Historical Society

Hello and welcome to our website!

I'm Cullen Ben Daniel,  President of Miller Historical Society. I was born and raised right here in the wonderful Miller Beach Community and was educated in our the local schools, attending Marquette, Nobel, and St. Mary of the Lake, before graduating from William A. Wirt High and leaving for college.

My parents were both natives of "The Region" (Hammond and East Chicago) and were active in the community. My father was Postmaster of Hammond. My mother owned businesses in Miller on Lake Street and Shelby Street, and was a member of the Miller Business Association.

My parents were friends with many Miller Beach "old-timers" and life-long Miller residents. Growing up I often heard them tell stories of our area's amazing past. I remember sitting wide eyed as a child, listening to various Miller senior citizens telling tall tales about Diana of the Dunes, Octave Chanute and his flying machine or explaining what Miller was like in "the good ole days." The stories concerning the past in our community were not always pleasant, but good or bad, pleasant or painful, the amazing and unique history of our community has was always intrigued me.

This fascination and love of the past stuck with me through the years and was one of many factors which led me to a to pursue a BA in History and obtain a Masters degree in World History. As a Historian and Miller native, I have long wanted to do my part to protect and preserve the history of my beloved and unique hometown.

This is why I founded the Miller Historical Society. Since 2010, MHS has been working tirelessly to preserve, promote and protect the history of this wonderful, dynamic community. Wont you join us? Together we can save the history of Miller Beach from the shifting sands of time?

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